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The Women’s Research and Studies Center (WRSC) is the fruit of a successful partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the University of Kuwait (KU). This Project is funded for its first two years by the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD).

The project started in October 2010 by the creation of the Women Studies Unit in the College of Social Sciences in KU. In cooperation with UNDP, the Women Studies Unit developed into a Center in 2012.

Symbolizing the tripartite partnership at the occasion of the opening of the 3rd Women International Symposium in March 2013: Mr. Stein Hansen, Ms Sahar Shawa from UNDP, Ms Lana Abu Eid from SCPD and Dr. Abdel Reda Al Assiri and Dr. Lubna Al Kazi from KU


Creating effective partnerships to strengthen the socio-cultural, economics, political and legal participation of women in the community


To establish a pioneer Women Research and Studies Center (WRSC) in the State of Kuwait to address gender gaps and mainstream gender in policies and programmes to asses and strengthen gender empowerment and enhance women participation in national policy development.

Kuwait Women Leaders supporting the WRSC


Establishment of the Women’s Research and Studies Center (WRSC)

To appoint the WRSC Steering Committee (that will include representation from a wide array of highly qualified and reputable scholars and experts, NGOs, private and governmental entities, academic institutions, and UNDP representatives) to guide and appraise the development of the center and support advocacy and fundraising initiatives.

Development of a Women’s digital database and a dynamic website

The WRSC will be equipped with a state-of-the-art digital database housing all the information and data obtained from surveys and researches on the socio-economic status of Kuwaiti women extracted from national, regional and global surveys. The database will be equipped with advanced search tools, including indexing, an online search-engine. It will be disseminated on the internet to ensure its ubiquity for ease of access.

The WRSC will recruit staff and train them according to regional and international standards on library archiving, indexing, electronic databases.

Development of women’s CSOs Capacity

To conduct capacity building workshops and periodic training courses to develop the capacity of women’s organizations and groups. To establish networks for information-sharing with other gender studies centers in the GCC and the Arab region with the intention of hosting regional forums to discuss and deliberate on key issues facing women in the region.  Another objective will be to create a database of gender experts and studies in the region to serve all stakeholders. 

Who We Are

Dr. Lubna Ahmed Al-Kazi


Lubna Ahmed Al-Kazi, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in December, 1983 with a Ph.D. in Demography and Sociology. She is a professor at Kuwait University in the Sociology Department from 1984 to the present.
She was a consultant with the Population Division at the United Nations for one year from 1986-87, when she prepared the Country Case Study: Kuwait on the population policies of Kuwait. She also prepared the gender section in the Master Plan for Tourism in Kuwait in 2004 -2005.
Dr. Lubna was a consultant in 2009 for the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) when she prepared the section on Gender and Development for the Kuwait National five-year plan 2010 – 2015. She is the founder and director of the Women’s Research and Studies Center which was established in September, 2010 in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and United Nations development program.
She is on the Board of Editors of an Arabic Journal Al-Thaqafa Al-Alamiah. She is also on the editorial Board of Journal of Arabian Studies. She is a member of the ‘Women’s Cultural and Social Society’ and ‘the Sociologists Association’ in Kuwait. She is a member of Advisory Board of Vital Voices, an women‘s organization begun by Hillary Clinton, when she was the first lady in the United States. Her areas of interest and research are gender, population change and family.

Ms. Ebtisam Al-Quoud

Permanant Coordinator

Ebtisam Rashed Alquoud is a Work Member Educator of the Social Work Field in the Department of Sociology and Social Work, College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University from 1980. She has a Masters Degree from Framingham State University, Boston, USA, in the area of special needs in 2005. She has the certificate of psychological counselor from Michigan American Academy from 2002. She also has several Diplomas in Certified Practice Counseling from Michigan Academy for Psychological Counseling from Michigan Academy for Psychological Counseling from2002-2004.
She has worked in Training with Several ministries of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs. She is a member of the Association for Special Needs, Autism Society, and member of the Association of Social Workers in USA.